Inventors Electricity – Michael Faraday

Currently electricity is already a necessity most important for mankind. With electricity all human activities can be easily done. Electricity is one of the energy that could be said to dominate the life of many because the benefits are very important.

Electrical inventor is Michael Faraday and thanks to these findings, he later dubbed the ‘Father Power’. Michael Faraday was known as a scientist that many people learn things. But the man who was born on Sept. 22, 1791 in the UK pay more attention to the fields of electromagnetism and electrochemistry.
History of Electricity by the discovery of Faraday Maichael

Michael Faraday inventor ListrikSebenarnya electricity has become a phenomenon since ancient Greece. It is unknown when a Greek scholar named Thales find a unique phenomenon when amber is rubbed was able to attract a feather. It is then he wrote in a note.

From this then gave rise to many theories about electricity often raised by scientists such as Ampere, Faraday, Coulomb and Joseph Priestley. Nam Among these names, Bandar judi online Michael Faraday has contributed most of the electrical and electromagnetic.

Famous the name of Michael Faraday as ‘Mr Power’ began when he made a first experiment using 7 coins, which he stacked with 7 sheets of zinc, and six pieces of paper soaked in salt water.
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This he did follow the Volta tupukan construction when finding the first battery charge. From this experiment faraday then outlines magnesium sulfate. Subsequently, in 1821, Christian Orsted publish a journal of the phenomenon elktromagnetisme.

From it then makes Faraday tried to conduct further research on the publication Orsted. Faraday then create a tool that can then generate a ‘Rotation Electromagnetic’ which merupaka forerunner to the discovery of electricity by Faraday. Faraday created a tool called Homopolar Motor.
Dinamo Electric Motor PertamaMenciptakan Homopolar For Finding Electric Current

In Faraday invented tools that this happens a continuous rotary motion, the movement is generated from the style of the circle that surrounds the wire lengths up into a solution of mercury and the solution is already contained in the magnet.

So the wire will continue to rotate if the electricity that comes from a battery. Faraday invention is then became a basis of the current Electromagnetic Technology.

From the experiments, he found a world’s first electric motor that uses electricity as its driving tenama.

Peak electric field discovery by Faraday when he made experiments with wrapping a coil of wire that separated the two and he then discovered what is known as mutual induction, magnet wire pieces skipped, then the flow of electricity came to the wire, which then magnetic running.
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From here he then made a conclusion that ‘Changes in the magnetic field can generate an electric field’. James Clerk Maxmel then create mathematical formulas and became known as Faraday’s Law.

… The only thing I need is time, It would be great if I can buy a time-the time wasted. – Michael Faraday

Faraday brilliance in making great discoveries can not be separated from the figure named Humphry Davy who is a mentor who guided Michael Faraday in his laboratory. He also invited Faraday around Europe to increase their knowledge either in tekis and theoretical.

Under the guidance of Davy, Michael Faraday made a lot of new discoveries that are useful to humans dibididang electricity.

Michael Faraday himself died on August 25, 1867. To honor his work in the field of electricity, the name was later immortalized in a unit in physical science that kapasistansi unit with the symbol (F) or Faraday.

Hopefully this information can be useful.